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Derek DeMuth is one of Colorado’s finest percussive fingerstyle, solo acoustic guitarists with an ear for groundbreaking music.  Based out of Boulder, Derek's passion takes center stage the moment he picks up his guitar.  The altered tunings with tapping, percussive technique and fingerstyle magic that follows with is both visually and audibly stunning and you'll swear he has a full orchestra present. From private parties, to festivals, to nightclubs, to weddings:  book him today and be delighted.

Nylon or Steel-String Guitar, Cutting-Edge Original Compositions

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OUT NOW! Derek's NEW EP: 

A Different Wavelength

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Derek was just chosen to be 1 of only 25 contestants who will compete in the International Fingerstyle Collective Guitar Competition in Arkansas in September, hosted by CandyRat Records and Fretmonkey. FingerstyleCollective
The title song from his new album, "A Different Wavelength" won him a place in this coveted  competition. 
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Like a corduroy pillow, Derek is making lots of headlines! 
Boulder-based Derek DeMuth plays percussive fingerstyle guitar. The tapping, slapping melodies that flow from his fingers are visually and sonically impressive. With his two hands, he produces a sound that suggests the presence of a full band.  In addition to his own compositions, he plays classical favorites from Carcassi, Brouwer, Tarrega, Legnani and Chopin, as well as cover songs from the Beatles, Queen, Toto and other popular artists. - Westword, July 1, 2019

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From finger-picked melodic rolls, percussive raps, taps and knocks, strummed chords, and resonating harmonics, DeMuth wraps around his guitar entirely like a twisted vine. He doesn’t focus on the neck, he uses every part of the instrument to cast forth his spell of sounds, and does so with such apparent ease that he creates a style that’s part EDM, part acoustic guitar. - The Marquee, July 1, 2019
DeMuth's guitar skills, at once dazzling and eerily meditative, employ a wide range of tools:  rumbling bass lines, percussive punctuation, tender and engaging melodies, and fleeting harmonic murmurs, all performed solo on a single six-string acoustic guitar.  And unlike many of his contemporaries, DeMuth also composes and performs on the Spanish/nylon string guitar--a vestige of his studies as a music student at CU (Colorado University). - Boulder Magazine, September 2019
Derek DeMuth - Percussive fingerstyle guitarist.  Pushing the boundaries of creative guitar music.
"I was born in Colorado and grew up in Golden.  I graduated from Compass Montessori School in 2008 and moved to Boulder to study music at the University of Colorado...My repertoire includes original music as well as covers--The Beatles, Michael Hedges and "Bohemian Rhapsody," which is always a crowd favorite." - Golden Transcript,
September 5, 2019
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Derek DeMuth is a professionally trained guitarist whose work is both technically advanced and beautifully composed. DeMuth combines his undeniable control over the instrument with his ability to craft euphonious rhythms for a listening experience that’s certainly on a different wavelength from the rest. -
303 Magazine, July 1, 2019