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What is SynthDef? 


SynthDef is Derek's EDM producer moniker. After producing an LP (Decagon) and having several performances, most notably at the opening of KMG studios, Derek decided to pursue acoustic guitar for numerous reasons. Derek had been using the name "SynthDef" for all his music up to that point, including solo guitar, in order to keep things simple. After moving his focus to solo guitar, Derek decided to keep his online accounts associated with that name so as to retain his following. You may see videos with "SynthDef Presents" at the beginning or see that some songs are by "SynthDef'. Derek DeMuth and SynthDef are one and the same. SynthDef generally refers to the EDM that Derek has produced. As of now, Derek is using simply his name to brand his music as that is the direction the tides have turned. Click the image below to be able to preview some of Derek's EDM. 

Decagon Album Cover Artwork.jpg
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